Water / Produced Water handling

Free Water / Produced Water handling

CIMS Netherlands is the most experienced and largest service provider of Free water / Produced water handling and collection, after dewatering your cargo, in the Netherlands.

CIMS Netherlands as the preferred supplier of Europe’s most advanced treatment facility ATM and trusted partner of Unibarge Group can provide you with the best and most sustainable solutions for your Free water and Produced water disposal. As a result of this unique collaboration with ATM and Unibarge, your Free water and Produced water find the most reliable and efficient way of handling.

Our modern fleet of double hulled and chemical approved tank barges always has availability to handle your waste and to customize according to your needs no matter the complexity, size, urgency or time of day of your job. We know the world of waste and thanks to our unique connections in the Ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Moerdijk, Vlissingen and Terneuzen, our excellent track record and long-term relationships with our customers we are always able to address your waste disposal request.

Smooth Operation

With the availability of tank barges varying from 1600 up to 8500 m3 capacity, CIMS Netherlands can guarantee a smooth operation with as little ship movements as possible. Moreover, CIMS Netherlands has priority access to storage facilities for large volumes in order to avoid any delay of your vessels.

When it comes to handling your Free water and Produced water CIMS Netherlands offers you:

  • high performance level and availability on a 24/7 basis
  • handling small and large volumes
  • double hulled tank barges with 1600 to 8500 m3 capacity each approved by all oil majors
  • covering customs related affairs to a maximum service level
  • unique partnership with one of Europe’s most advanced waste processing plants ATM
  • priority access to storage capacity ashore due to our unique partnership with ATM
  • full transparency and reporting structures facilitated by our CIMS surveyor
  • experience in working to the highest quality standards of a large variety of oil majors