Our Services

Our Waste Services Process in General

From beginning to end we guarantee our customers a 360-degree view on the handling process of their waste. CIMS Netherlands provides customers smooth and sustainable services while keeping track of all stages of the handling process. Throughout our various processes we monitor the different stages and remain at any time compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.

CIMS Netherlands, as the preferred supplier of Europe’s most advanced treatment facility ATM and trusted partner of Unibarge Group, can provide you with the best and most sustainable solutions for your waste in the Netherlands.

Since we are specialized in handling maritime and offshore waste, we are able to customize all your individual waste handling and collection requests while also taking care of ship-to-ship transfer and ship cleaning.

CIMS Netherlands has long-standing working relationships with authorities, the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, treatment facilities and related companies. This unique position makes sure that we always have availability for any of your (short term) waste handling requests.