MARPOL ANNEX II Pre-Wash Persistent Floaters

Persistent floaters and the new legislation

As of January 1st 2021, the MARPOL legislation regarding persistent floaters – named natural substances from vegoil, paraffin up to animal fat and more – changed significantly.

The amendment to MARPOL Annex II includes a new definition on a so-called ‘persistent floater’. Substances classified as persistent floaters are defined by having a viscosity equal to or greater than 50 mPa.s at 20°C and/or with a melting point ≥0°C as identified by section 16.2.7 and in column ‘o’ of Chapter 17 of the amended IBC Code. 

CIMS Netherlands handles your pre-washings to the highest standards and within full compliance.

What does this mean for you and your vessels transporting these persistent floaters?

This new legislation has a major impact on vessel’s operations and time spend in the port of discharge. Due to the amendments to Marpol Annex II, if you are  transporting persistent floating products vessels are now obliged to perform a mandatory pre-wash of their cargo tanks after unloading and need to dispose of the washings to a licensed port reception facility before departure. 

Time-efficient solutions and sustainability first

CIMS Netherlands  is fully operational for all vessels with persistent floaters. We are able to customize all your pre-wash handling and collection requests in the quickest way possible.

As time is scarce, we offer a time saving solution to quickly dispose of your pre-washings in full compliance with the new legislation. We are very proud to present you our latest CIMS Netherlands tankbarge ‘PORTLAND’.

Tankbarge ‘PORTLAND’ uses the latest technology concerning modern propulsion engines and emission-treatment systems.

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