Sample Storage, Retention and Disposal


Sample storage, retention and disposal

Liquid cargo surveyors, terminals and shipowners in the petrochemical and maritime industry continuously take samples from vessels, barges and shore tanks. These samples need a secured and certified storage location for a certain period.

CIMS Netherlands can help you with the safe and quick transport, storage and disposal of all samples of (liquid) cargoes, including hazardous materials.

CIMS Netherlands offers all SSRD services according to legislation and compliance standards.

Sample storage, retention and disposal (SSRD)

Safe transport of your samples

CIMS Netherlands can flexibly step into your process by offering safe collection once your samples are ready for safe and ADR-approved transport to the warehouse.

How the process works

Samples need to be subdivided by classification (mainly 3, 6, 8, and 9) and packed and labeled in (supplied) ADR-approved boxes. If needed, we can provide you with the required boxes, labels and pallets.

Safe transport of your samples

Storage at warehouse

At the warehouse, your samples are accessible 24/7. We can store your samples as long as required according to your needs. Furthermore, all regulations and procedures that are applicable to sample storage are covered over here as well.

Sample disposal

When the storage period of your samples ends, the samples are ready for disposal at a certified processing plant of (ship) waste. We safely transport the samples to the processing plant where samples are disposed of in compliance at a sustainable manner. After disposal, you will receive proof of disposal (BGB).


At CIMS Netherlands, we are flexible. Would you rather use your own sample boxes? Do you prefer to arrange your own transport? No storage needed, just disposal? Whatever your preferences, we can adapt to your needs.

Are you looking for a service provider for sample transport, storage and/or disposal? Call us at +31 (0)85 071 1980 for more information.

Sample storage, retention and disposal (SSRD)