Sustainability is crucial for CIMS Netherlands, just as it is for the entire maritime industry, which is responsible for transporting more than 90% of the world’s goods. Since our start, we have focused on sustainability regarding our ships, fuel, and project execution. The CIMS Group also has expertise regarding sustainability challenges. We aim to contribute to CO2 emission reduction and help our customers and partners meet challenging goals.

Horizon 3 SRM

With Horizon 3 SRM, part of the CIMS group, we look into and realize (new) sustainable solutions for ship and cargo-related waste management.

Now that the maritime industry enters a crucial decade to become a more environmentally sustainable sector, innovative and smart solutions to reduce emissions and improve sustainable waste management are essential. CIMS Netherlands and Horizon 3 SRM have lots of experience in this area. We know everything about waste flows, (customized) solutions, waste processing, environmental issues, sourcing of raw materials, recycling, energy transition, CO2 emission challenges, circularity, and many other crucial sustainability goals.

Want to know more about reaching your sustainability goals or how to solve CO2 emission challenges? Contact us at +31 (0) 85 071 1980.

CIMS Renewables

Together with Quatra, we founded CIMS Renewables, combining our many years of expertise, knowledge, and experience in ship waste and waste streams.

We collect and process edible oil waste (persistent floaters) sustainably from shipping and related companies. Within the entire ARA region, we

offer a complete solution for obligatory pre-washes for persistent floaters

that is also time-efficient. We circularly recycle the washing water. The water goes back to the water treatment and we turn recovered oil fractions into feedstock for sustainable biofuels.

Our approach offers a real sustainable solution that benefits the environment and contributes to a carbon-neutral world.

Want to know more? Contact CIMS Renewables at +31 (0)10 3225 125.